The SPA Ball Introducing the New SPA Ball

The Spa Pool ball is only for Spas with a volum of water 1000 ltrs to 1750 ltrs. The ball is placed in the filler box and there must be room inside the box for water to flow freely around and thru the ball.
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The PULz Ball Environmentally Friendly

The PULz Ball reduces the amount of chemicals used in your pool by up to 80% in an average pool and up to 100% in pools under 20,000 Ltrs
Customer feedback indicates that the PULz Ball kills off black dot mold, green algae and Mustard Algae within a few days.
Water becomes crystal clear with very low maintenance.
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Saves Money
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Lasts up to 36 - 60 Months (pool dependent)
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Good for Sensitive Skins
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Designed for Pools up to 66,000 Litres
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Up to a Maximum of 70,000 Litres
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Easy to Use in Both Salt and Fresh Water Pools
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PULz Balls are made in Australia

Where to Find Us

The PULz Ball is available at the Eumundi Markets (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and the Caloundra Street Fair (on Sundays). Feel free to visit our staff and ask about the environmental and financial benefits of the PULz Ball for your swimming pool.

3 Landsborough Parade
Golden Beach
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