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The PULzBall

The PULzBall is an environmentally friendly option that will maintain and keep your swimming pool clear - there is a limited need to add chemicals (sometimes no need at all to add chemicals) and other products, that may be harmful to your family or the environment.

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Please note: PULZ Balls are recommended for Private Pools only.

The PULZ ball is designed to reduce the amount of Chemicals in Private swimming pools up to 70,000 Liters in volume. With a water volume turn over rate of 5-6 hours, excluding any balance tanks.

Independent tests have shown that the pool owners have reduced the usage of chemicals by up to 75% in 70,000 Litre pools and up to 100% in 17,000 Litre pools.

In all test cases the owners have commented on the softness and clarity of the water:
"The ball has made it much easier to maintain the pool as well as the correct Ph levels of the water."

Extract from a report from a pool owner in Noosa, QLD…
“Much of the Black mold growing around the pebbles has now died off which it never did before and the rest has turned white and is flaking off… and the water is just so crystal clear…”

Extract from a report from a pool owner in Mooloolaba, QLD…
“… I have turned the Chlorine regulator down from 100% to 30%…”

Extract from a report from a pool owner in Eumundi, QLD…
“… after just 3 weeks my pool water is so much clearer, it’s just lovely…”

As there are no harsh chemicals used in the ball; people with skin allergies find the ball to be a useful part of the pools maintenance equipment.

The ball is very easy to use.
We suggest that it is placed in the skimmer box; it should be checked weekly to remove any leaves, grass or other organic buildup, which may get into the box via normal operations.

The lifetime of the ball is dependent upon the size and use of the pool but as a rule of thumb it should last between 36 and 60 months, depending on your swimming pool size.

Allow up to 3 weeks for ball to reach full working capacity in larger pools.

Benefits of the PULz Ball:

The PULz Swimming Pool Ball is designed for Pools up to 60,000 Litres.
PULz Swimming Pool Ball works in a pool up to a Maximum of 70,000 Litres.
The PULz Swimming Pool Ball is good for people that have sensitive skin!
The PULz Swimming Pool Ball is easy to use in both salt water and fresh water Pools!
The PULz Swimming Pool Ball lasts up to 36 - 60 Months!
PULz Swimming Pool Balls are made in Australia!

Where to Find Us

The PULz Ball is available at the Eumundi Markets (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and the Caloundra Street Fair (on Sundays). Feel free to visit our staff and ask about the environmental and financial benefits of the PULz Ball for your swimming pool.

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